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Donate to our kittens


It is a problem people do not like to think about, unless you look it is a problem that is easy to ignore. Glance inside the tattered box in the ally to see 5 sets of little eyes peering back, walk down the street on garbage night to see a cat huddled over spoiled food, and then it is a problem that breaks your heart. Look even closer and you will find that many of these cats are friendly and loving, but were tossed out like last week's trash.


It is a problem that TLC Rescue cannot ignore. Through the TNR project that we have implemented along with People for Animals with a grant from PetsMart Charities, we have found and rescued many of these cats; but that is not all we found.


We have found the joy in a child's eye, we have found the gift of companionship to those with no one else, and we have found the gift of seeing kittens once huddled in a corner now cuddled in arms. This priceless gift does not come without a cost, and one that has seriously depleted our resources.


There are vet bills, housing, vaccinations food and litter that are not covered by our grant, all to make these dreams come true. To save a life and to make sure we can continue making these dreams realities please donate.

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